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Taroudant, history in colors

Taroudant in the south of Morocco 76 kilometers far from Agadir in the heart of the plain of Souss, surrounded by the Large Atlas and of Anti Atllas chains mountainous most important of the world.
Taroudant considered for its craft industry, of leather, wrought iron, wood, drink painted, ceramic and its Berber silver jewels, it attracts many tourists come from the whole world to seek the softness of Taroudant and the art of living Berber and the hospitality of the Morrocans in a climate moderated throughout the year, the souk of Taroudant is the place of appointment of Roudanais, on the place Assarag the coffees offer their animated and cordial terraces to you very attended at the end of the day, the municipal market of Jnan Jamaa abounds in all the arabo-Berber specialities, bazaars, grocers, herb trades etc…